COPA Migration 16

Each year, hundreds of Cirrus aircraft fly in to attend COPA’s largest annual event & Migration! This year we’ll again be gathering in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attendees can expect educational seminars, an exhibitor’s trade show highlighting aviation products and services and socializing with other Cirrus pilots who share their passion for flying Cirrus aircraft! You don’t have to currently be a COPA member to register! During the registration process, you’ll be given an opportunity to join, it is one of the best investments you can make with your aviation dollars.

Fly In Procedures! Just Released!


Welcome to Henderson

Good-to-Know Locations for M16




Suggested Arrival and Departure Dates


Suggested Arrival Date:

Thursday, October 11th*


Suggested Departure Date: 

Sunday, October 14th

* If you plan on attending our pre-Migration activities – a hands-on Owner Maintenance

class – beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, then you’ll

want to arrive on Wednesday, October 10th. 


See how many of your COPA friends have already signed up, find them here!




Adult/ main:

Admission to all seminars, the trade shows, Lunch Friday, Saturday at the trade show, Thursday evening’s COPA Cabana event, and COPA’s Main banquet dinner on Saturday evening, All included.

Adult/ spouse (or Domestic Partner):

This registration is valid only for a spouse or domestic partner (residing in the same household and registering together using a single payment) accompanying another registrant who is paying the full Adult fee. An individual is entitled to participate in all activities available to their spouse or domestic partner.

Junior/ student (age 16-20):

This registration type is valid only for a junior accompanying an adult registrant who is paying the full Adult event fee. An individual is entitled to participate in all activities to the adult registrant.

* Migration activities (including evening social events) are intended for adults and possibly older youth (age 16-20). If you desire to bring young children, consider contacting the hotel concierge for local babysitting support.

2-day Registration:

Includes all Friday and Saturday activities.

1-day Registration:

Includes activities on either Friday Only or Saturday Only.




Registration Fees

(If you register after August 27th, we cannot guarantee that you will receive items such as clothing in the sizes you requested or meal menu selections.)

$650 3-day: Full Migration (Early)
  • Adult/main $650
  • Adult/spouse $615
  • Junior/student $545
$550 2-day: Friday & Saturday (Early)
  • Adult/main $550
  • Adult/spouse $518
  • Junior/student $495
$512 1-day: Saturday only (Early)
  • Adult/main $512
  • Adult/spouse $487
  • Junior/student $478

Late Registration Begins on September 13th

$750 3-day: Full Migration (Late)
  • Adult/ main $750
  • Adult/ spouse $715
  • Junior/ student $645
$650 2-day: Friday & Saturday (Late)
  • Adult/ main $650
  • Adult/ spouse $618
  • Junior/ student $595
$612 1-day: Saturday only (Late)
  • Adult/ main $612
  • Adult/ spouse $587
  • Junior/ student $578


M16 Migration Schedule

For the full M16Schedule, please download the COPA Migration 16 app.




Trade Show and Exhibition

The Migration trade show will run from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Friday, October 12th and 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Saturday, October 13th in the Grand Ballroom.

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Special/Social Events

During COPA Migration, all attendees are treated to a series of entertaining and varied evening social events where they can connect socially with fellow COPA members. Some events are repeating rituals based on popular demand and some change every year!

Thursday Night

COPA Cabana

Friday Night

Viva Las Vegas!!

Saturday Night

Annual COPA Banquet


Please take time to thank them...

Let's connect!


Questions about event or registration?

2830 North Rancho Drive
Suite B
Las Vegas, NV 89130
(702) 920-2108

The Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (aka, “COPA”) is a 501(c)7 non-profit corporation dedicated to serving its members.  COPA is not in any way affiliated with Cirrus Aircraft, the manufacturer.

Well-known as the night for meeting new friends or getting reacquainted with fellow COPA Members, we’re making it easy for those who’ve had a long day of traveling or attended the pre-Migration seminar by staging COPA Cabana at our host hotel, Green Valley Ranch. As you’re renewing old friendships and making new ones over cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, you’ll be able to take in the wonderful backyard and pool area of the resort.

COPA Cabana

Saturday, 10:30 am to 3:00+/- pm


The details of the spouse/partner’s event have been finalized and it’s going to be one not to miss. On Saturday, those attending will be transported to the Bellagio hotel, located on the strip and famous for its fountains. The experience will start with lunch at Lago, the first Italian restaurant from James Beard Award winner Chef Julian Serrano featuring the modern concept of small plates. The dining room has floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows ensuring spectacular views of the resort’s iconic fountains. After lunch enjoy a private, behind the scenes tour to learn what it takes to run this luxurious, renowned resort, including the famous Bellagio Fountains.

Spouse/ Partner Program

Known for its spectacular shows, famous restaurants, and exciting tours, we wanted to give you some time to experience Las Vegas. COPA has teamed with GVR to provide a pre-event concierge (Pre-Event Concierge) whom can book whatever excursion you desire! From recommended shows, a variety of activities from tours to a race car driving experience, there are many choices.


If you’d rather try one of the many high-end restaurants, many owned by well-known professional chefs, GVR has a list of off property restaurants. They can also make recommendations and reservations at any of the GVR restaurants


If you don’t see something on the provided lists that you’re interested in, just ask the concierge. The lists are suggestions of popular choices.


For information and reservations before M16, call 702-617-7744 or email


There will also be a dedicated concierge in the COPA VIP Room during the event who can answer questions and line you up with whatever you’d like to do.


Please note that the cost to attend any of these shows are not included in your M16 Registration

Viva Las Vegas!!

Payments & Refunds

Migration Cancellation Protection:

Participants are strongly encouraged to purchase the Optional Cancellation Protection. Experience has shown that cancellations occur for a variety of unforeseen personal, professional, and other reasons. Migration Cancellation Protection is offered for all participants for a fee equal to 17% of the total attendance fee paid.

All registrations cancelled prior to five (5) weeks before Migration will receive a full refund of all Migration registration fees regardless of whether Cancellation Protection has been purchased. Once inside the five (5) week “window” prior to Migration, COPA will be committed to the cost of the facilities, meals, and other related expenses. Only those registrations that have purchased Cancellation Protection will receive a refund.

Migration Cancellation Protection does not include the hotel, which you will book separately and has its own cancellation policy.

Migration Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel or alter your Migration reservation prior to five (5) weeks before Migration, the following shall apply:

If Migration Cancellation Protection has been purchased, it is nonrefundable.
If the participant cancels the entire reservation, the M16 registration fee shall be refunded in full.
If the participant reduces the reservation (e.g., your spouse/partner/junior cannot attend), that portion of your registration fee shall be refunded in full.
Cancellation of any hotel, car will be the sole responsibility of the participant.
If you cancel or alter your Migration reservation within five (5) weeks of Migration, the following shall apply:

If Migration Cancellation Protection has been purchased, it is nonrefundable.
If the participant cancels the entire reservation and has purchased Cancellation Protection, the M16 registration fee shall be refunded in full.
If the participant reduces the reservation and has purchased Cancellation Protection, that portion of your registration fee shall be refunded in full.
If the participant reduces or cancels the reservation and has not purchased Cancellation Protection, there will be no refund.
Cancellation of any hotel or car will be the sole responsibility of the participant.

Payment methods accepted:

During your registration, payment via our secure server is required using Master Card, Visa, Discover, or American Express.

VIP Room

Back by popular demand, a VIP room stocked with snacks and drinks and cozy chairs will be open to all attendees throughout the M16 event. There will also be an assigned GVR concierge who can book any reservations for dinners, tours, and activities that you’d like to make. As well as answer any questions you have about the resort.

Our annual gala banquet dinner and cocktail reception will be held at the Green Valley Ranch, where we will be treated to the delicacies of some of the chefs at GVR – their fine dining restaurants are widely reputed as some of the best. And, you won’t want to miss our special guest speaker, Brian Udell, who holds the record for surviving the highest speed ejection from a U.S. Fighter Aircraft at nearly 800 mph. He survived four grueling hours 65 miles off the Atlantic Coast in 60-degree water, five-foot seas, and 15 mph winds at night. Brian’s determination, perseverance, faith, and sheer will to survive is unparalleled. His story of survival, recovery, and return to the Strike Eagle is an inspiration.

Annual COPA Banquet

Departure Information

If you file IFR, you will receive an IFR departure clearance from Ground/clearance delivery (listen to ATIS first) but there will likely be a delay.


If an IFR flight plan is preferred but you would like to depart VFR, obtain a squawk code from tower letting them know you will pick up your clearance from center. You then can avoid delays by filing from a convenient point outside Las Vegas airspace (100NM away), depart VFR from Henderson, and pick up your IFR clearance while in the air with Los Angeles Center. The Las Vegas TRACON will make every effort to give you “Bravo” services, but you should expect your IFR clearance from Los Angeles Center.


Remember, if you elect to depart IFR from KHND, there will likely be a departure delays as well as possible delay vectors and holding.


Both the TRACON and Los Angeles Center advises everyone to “file what you want but expect an amended routing.”


Again, peak traffic times are 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. local. Departing outside of that interval will minimize delays.


KHND has published noise abatement procedures for your review.  Click here.

While on the Ground

Henderson Executive Airport is the Migration host this year. M16 parking locations will be based on first-come first-serve. There are a limited number of tie-downs available to us. Shuttle vans will transport you from parking to the terminal for check-in.


Once our allotment of tiedowns are filled, we will be required to park in the northwest corner of the airport using wheel chocks. This is the same area used for M12.


Bring your own chocks! A full set is going to be required (chocks for each wheel). The parking area is on pavement but without tie-downs. Do not depend upon the FBO/COPA for chocks. If you do not have chocks available, you will be required to depart to another airport and utilize their tie-downs.


If you want to hangar your airplane during Migration, contact Bob Simpson at 702-235-6555 for availability and associated fees.


For M16, Henderson is offering a fuel discount – they will be providing full service at self-serve rates.


Overnight parking fees will be waived with the minimum fuel purchase of 20 gallons for piston and 100 gallons for SETP and VLJ.


As always, COPA will provide round-trip transportation between the airport FBO and The Green Valley Ranch Resort Host hotel for arrivals on Thursday, October 11th from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., as well as Friday, October 12th (times TBD). For departures, Sunday, October 14th from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Pilots desiring to arrive/depart outside of these dates/times need to make their own arrangements.

Suggested Routes

  • The M16 Planning Team suggests that you arrive VFR to KHND.
    o   There are no precision approaches into KHND. Since the IFR approaches into KHND have such high circling minimums anyway, even if arriving IFR, canceling 20 miles out would help traffic flow and spacing. IMC conditions are very rare in Las Vegas, especially in October, the weather is generally VMC with pleasant temperatures.


The following “Gates” have been worked out with LA center and Las Vegas TRACON for arrival into KHND. 
o   Arrivals from the North East: WYYNN -> BVU -> KHND

o   Arrivals from the South East:             IGM -> BVU -> KHND

o   Arrivals from the South/West:            WHIGG -> KHND

o   Arrivals from the North/West:           WHIGG -> KHND (Same as South)


While we suggest being on VFR Flight Following with Los Angles Center prior to entering the Las Vegas area, regardless of flight following, Henderson (KHND) is like any other Class D airport. You must establish two-way radio contact (with your call sign read back) with the Tower before entering their airspace. Also be aware of the Class Bravo Airspace that goes to the surface to the Northwest of KHND. Communication with the Tower does not provide you clearance into the Bravo airspace. 


While not recommended, if you prefer/must arrive under IFR, just follow the usual handoff instructions between Las Vegas TRACON and the Henderson Tower and expect the visual. Because of the busy Las Vegas airspace, you should expect delays due to ATC vectors and routing.


Peak traffic times are 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. local (Pacific Time Zone). Arriving outside of that interval will minimize delays.


Again …watch your pattern on the west side of the airport! KHND is just one mile south of the Class B “inner ring” where positive control airspace extends to the surface. Talking to Henderson Tower does not provide clearance into Bravo…